About Us: Out Vision


Blue Ridge Primary will provide a firm foundation in reading, writing, and math through a student centered environment enabling children to become confident and creative builders of their futures. All students will learn in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for individual differences.


All children are capable of achieving proficiency in the 21st century curriculum.

Partnership with parents and community are essential for creating conditions for student success.

A safe and secure environment is crucial for creating successful 21st century learning classrooms.

21st century learning environments will be created to provide opportunities for all students to achieve mastery.

All children are capable of becoming productive members of society by demonstrating responsibility, life skills, and problem solving.


To build a climate and culture based on cooperation, tolerance, and respect.

To increase the percent of students scoring at mastery or above by 10% in number sense and problem solving.

To increase the percent of students labeled early emergent readers by 10% with an overall increase of 3% in reading fluency, phonics, and comprehension.

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