County Attendance and Tardy Policies


A full day of attendance requires the student to be in attendance at the school site for 74% of the day (4.3.1).

A half-day attendance requires the student to be at the school site 50% of the day (4.3.2). Absence notes are to be submitted the day the student returns to school. The school will be contacting the homes of absent and tardy students daily. We have enclosed in the handbook some parent excuse form to be completed in the event of the absence of your child. The new attendance policy states parents may only write 5 parent excuse notes; the remainder must be physician notes for illness. The county requires a letter sent home whenever a student has missed 3, 5, and 10 days of school. This is a county-generated letter. The school is required to send the letter out to each student’s family.


Any student who arrives at school after the start of the school day or who is not at his/her assigned instructional location at the scheduled time for instruction is considered tardy. A tardy may be excused or unexcused depending on the reason for being late. All tardy students must be signed in by an adult. The principal will notify the parent in writing when the student has been tardy five (5) times. Once a child has been tardy ten (10) times, the principal will refer the student’s name to the Attendance Director who will contact the parents regarding the tardies.


Jefferson County Schools utilizes a List Serve System that sends out emails or texts to your home or cell phone if there is a delay, closing, or early dismissal. There is a link on the Jefferson County Schools website where you can sign up for this service.

If no announcement is made prior to 7:30 a.m., school will be in session as usual. If the weather becomes severe during the day and school is to be dismissed early, an announcement will be made one hour prior to dismissal.

Please do not call the school to obtain closing information. Radio stations, channel 19, or web site will contain information on closures.

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