Dress Code

Proper dress is to be followed at all times. We encourage students to exhibit neatness in their appearance and maintain proper personal hygiene. We expect students to dress in a manner which does not distract other students, cause a safety concern, or otherwise disrupt the instructional program at Blue Ridge.

Inappropriate clothing/items include:

Low cut tops, halter tops, tube tops, straps of tops or dresses which are not wider than 3 fingers;

Shirts exposing the ‘belly button’ or midriff, and see through clothing;

Boy’s sleeveless undershirts;

Shorts and skirts that are not fingertip length;

Pajamas, or pants that hang below the waist;

Skirts, pants or long tops without leggings or tights;

Pants with holes;

Hats, or any other head covering which covers the majority of the head (this includes bandanas);

Shirts with offensive language or language which promotes drug, alcohol use, gangs, violence or pornography;

Clothing that degrades any person, gender, culture, religion, or occupation;

Gloves worn during the school day;

Heels that are higher than 1½ inches;

Flip Flops - Flip flops are not reliable shoes, as they break very easily. If a student wears flip flops, they must have another pair of sneakers
with them to participate in recess & gym;

Shoes with wheels;

(Sneakers are required for physical education)

****If your child is dressed inappropriately, parents will be called to bring a change of clothing or footwear. Parents also need to be aware of the weather and send their child in appropriate clothes.

Your child will be provided a loan of a belt if their pants create a safety issue by hanging below the waist. Clothing items found at the school are taken to the lost and found and will be kept for 5 days after being turned in. We encourage parents to have their child’s name on jackets, lunch boxes, notebooks and other possessions. At the end of the year we had some very nice winter coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts, which the school donated to Goodwill.

When a student’s appearance is felt to be detrimental to the school program, the student may be asked to reverse a shirt to hide an inappropriate message, sent home to change if transportation is available or a parent-principal conference may be arranged. If transportation is not available, alternative clothing may be provided by the school.

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