Behavior Expectations


1. Students are expected to keep their hands, feet, comments and any other objects (food/utensils) to themselves.

2. Students are expected to obey the traffic pattern in the cafeteria.

3. Students are to keep their voices at a conversational level.

4. Students are expected to clean up their area of any materials they have left prior to being dismissed to take up their trays
or lunch boxes.

5. Students are expected to follow the directions of the staff members on duties at all times.

6. Students are expected to be quiet as they go through the serving line.

7. Students who do not follow the expected behavior in the cafeteria will be seated in at a time out table for an established
period of time.

8. Students are to bring any additional food items to the cafeteria in either a lunch bag or brown bag whether they are
packing or buying lunch.


1. There is not to be any running on the blacktop.

2. There should be only 1 person on each section of the playground equipment at a time.

3. The students are to keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves. Students are not to participate in touch football or tag
since it is a contact sport.

4. The school-provided equipment should be the only equipment utilized. Students are asked not to bring their own equipment
from home.

5. No bullying allowed.

6. Students should report all injuries to the teacher on duty. Any accidents on the playground resulting in student injury
require an accident report form.

7. The school has provided equipment for each grade level in a mesh bag. The equipment and the bag are color coded to
assist grade levels.

8. Flip Flops are not permitted on the playground.


1. There are not to be any writing utensils carried into the hallways or bathrooms.

2. All backpacks are to remain in the classroom (even personal ones).

3. There is not be any visiting in other classrooms or waiting for other students in the hallway.

4. Students are not to wear hats or any other type of head covering.

5. This is a gum free zone.

6. Students are to stay within their personal space respecting the space of others. Hands, feet, and objects are to be keep
to oneself.

**Any student who does not adhere to School Expectations will be addressed through the classroom consequences.

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