Homework reinforces, enriches and enhances instruction. It creates the opportunity for students to work independently, thus becoming more responsible for their individual achievement. General guidelines for homework assignments are:

  • All homework should be meaningful and relevant to what has been previously taught. The teacher will make every effort to make sure homework assignments are clearly understood.

  • All homework is due the following school day or upon the day of return in the event of school cancellation or any other legitimate cause. Each teacher will determine the legitimacy of excuses on a case-by-case basis. Extended assignments will be due at a date established by the teacher. When students are out for illness, the student will have one day for each day missed to complete their homework and/or classroom assignments.

  • Homework must be ready to be presented by the student at the beginning of the class for which it is required.

  • Students calling home for homework will be at the teacher’s discretion.

  • The teacher may keep children in for recess to complete make-up or missing assignments.

  • Homework can be counted into the nine-week grading period.

  • Homework assignments should be reasonable in length. County recommendation on homework is 10 minutes per grade level. That would mean 5 minutes for Kindergarten and 10 minutes for first grade.  (These minutes do not include the 15-20 minutes of reading students should do each evening.)

  • Homework will not be sent home the 1st day a child is sick. The child needs rest in order to recover from their 

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